Welcome to the Smucker Homestead.

A short introduction.

The Smucker Homestead is the home of Noah and Ruth Smucker. Here we are creating an environment for visual art, smart design, and growing good food all in the spirit of charity.

Life at the homestead is the central point for our family and through a simplified lifestyle shapes our interactions with God and others. We are seeking to be generous by living in a style of subsistence. Through the homestead we have an economy focused on God and the family.

Noah works full time at a local factory, but is a ceramic artist with a heart for farming and a mind for science. Ruth is an artist with a heavy focus on where art and design intersect, and has quickly learned that farming comes naturally to her. Together we are growing much of our own food, and are gaining ground on a goal of sharing the fruits of our labors, including our artwork.

  Here you’ll find information about what projects we are working on in their various stages.

We hope to share more of our work, ideas, and stories, and to make connections with like minded people. Take a moment, browse around, and enjoy.

-Ruth & Noah Smucker

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Ruth has launched a clothing line featuring her artwork on VIDA.

Many designs by Ruth featuring her artwork are now available online!

This is how it works: Ruth takes a particular piece of artwork, she looks at the clothing designs available from VIDA, and she takes the artwork and the clothing designs and superimposes her work as she sees fit. The clothing idea is then submitted to VIDA for their approval, and with their approval, the piece is then added to Ruth's collection. Ruth is very excited to be working with VIDA because VIDA unites artists from all over the world with skilled clothing makers in the developing world, and furthermore offers an education to them.

Ruth's Collection on VIDA     


Prayer and meditation cards designed by Ruth now in print and available.

These prayer or meditation cards are now available online, or by contacting us!

Each card features a sketch by Ruth on the front, and a scripture chosen to correspond with the sketch on the back. Basic information about the sketch including the title, medium, etc. is also included. Most sketches featured on these cards are available online as giclee art prints.

Ruth's Online Store   Be in touch with us.


Learn about High Water Mark through a personal or group presentation.

How does an aquaponics business fit into ideas of sustainable agriculture? How does aquaponics compare with hydroponics? Is all aquaponics the same? Does sustainability end with the environment, or does it extend to relationships with fellow human beings as well?

In our presentations we share about our new aquaponics business startup, High Water Mark. The talk features discussion on environmental systems, the idea of the homestead and urban farming, healthy eating, and how aquaponics relates to these. We also discuss relationships in business and work/life balance, as we are members of the Economy of Communion (EOC), an international economic and social movement. Essentially the EOC is the business arm of the Focolare Movement, an international movement for unity.

Be in touch with us for details.

#art4sarah - Proceeds from "Out of the Remnant" giclee art prints to go to support Sarah Ewing.

Order this print online.

Proceeds from each art print sold will be donated to Sarah Ewing, a precious little girl with Apert Syndrome who will undergo numerous surgeries throughout her life.

These are high quality giclee art prints of the original mixed media piece titled "Out of the Remnant" by Ruth J Smucker. Each print is 10 in x 10 in with a 1 in white border for easy mounting, and is a limited edition run of 75 prints. This is a larger run in hopes of raising higher funds for Sarah.

Each print is officially numbered, titled, and signed in pencil by the artist, and is also marked by the artist with her own "RJS" mark. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the details of the print, and is signed by the artist. Each print also comes with further information about Sarah. More information is featured in the description of the piece when you visit Ruth's online store.

Read more about Sarah Ewing and the story behind this print:
Jeannie Ewing's blog - lovealonecreates.com.
Ruth's blog - An Open Book.
  Follow the developing story at:
At the Smucker Homestead on Google+.
Google search for #art4sarah.