Our vision & mission for the Smucker Homestead.


Our vision is to rediscover and share the living connections between timeless truths and today’s emerging questions, through faith, family, community, art, and productive toil.


Our mission is to offer good food, good art, and good design that is grown and created in an economy centered around God, the family and the home. Living a simplified, subsistence lifestyle we hope to share generously with others and build up community. This way of life is an answer to living charity—the gospel of Christ—in a modern, urban setting. It is a mission of gleaning the best of old and new philosophies and technologies compatible with the Catholic faith, and then offering the fruits of our labors locally and beyond.

Two important encyclical letters from two popes, Francis and Benedict XVI:

Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis: Laudato Si' - On Care for our Common Home

Encyclical Letter by Pope Benedict XVI: Caritas in Veritate - On Integral Human Development in Charity and Truth